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Destiny Collector's Chess Set

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Bungie’s hit first-person shooter meets the timeless tabletop strategy game in this must-have for Destiny® enthusiasts and gamers of all levels. Engage a fellow Guardian to take on a console-free challenge between Heroes and the Red Legion, regardless of their Faction. 32 detailed figurines of both Destiny® and Destiny 2® characters represent the opposing sides on a display-ready game board, where players may recognize the art style of each sculpted piece as the talent of the folks at Bungie and Bigshot Toyworks.

Ivory-toned Heroes pieces are represented by King Zavala, Queen Mara Sov, Bishops Ikora Rey and Osiris, and Knights Cayde-6 and Ana Bray, while the ebony Red Legion team includes King Ghaul, Iago as Queen, Thumos as Bishops, and Gladiator as Knights. Rooks are Lord Shaxx, Lord Saladin, Prusk, and Ultra Colossus. Finally, Red Jack and Warbeast play the part of Pawns as you wait patiently for your enemy to make a mistake. Channel your raid-like focus and position your pieces to put the opponent’s King in check.

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